In-Center Services


Our services and pricing are detailed below:

Designing and fitting custom and stock hairpieces and full cap wigs:

From $499 per system, plus styling fee & tax.

Full service: refitting your existing hair system 

Starting at $95.00 and up.

This service includes the removal of your hairpiece, natural hair cutting, cleaning of both your hair and the hairpiece, and reattachment of the hairpiece with color options starting at $140.00 and up.

Hair coloring only:

Starting at $85.00 and up.

Cutting in a new hair system.

Starting at $185.00 with color options at $235.00.

Attachment methods for your hair system, including adhesives tape strips, and clips.

Schedule a free consultation or book an appointment for a hair replacement service. Our undetectable non-surgical hair replacement systems are designed for both men and women.

Visit our local San Francisco hair replacement center to discuss your needs with experienced users who can provide valuable insights. We are committed to offering clear usage instructions.

To arrange an appointment or request more information, contact us at (415) 788-0711 or email You'll find us conveniently located at 564 Market Street, Suite 160, San Francisco, CA 94104




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