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I've been going to New Hair For Men (also known as New Hair for Men and Women) for a couple years now to get hairpieces and supplies. I also get my hair cut done there. I've always got nice deals and nice services. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs quality and affordable hairpieces and wigs. And if you are quite bald like me, you can get a good haircut behind closed doors without feeling awkward being with all those people with so much more hair!

SIMPLY THE BEST. I have been a customer at New Hair For Men for several years after having used a number of other hair replacement services. Without a doubt, the product (i.e., hair pieces) at New Hair For Men are the most competitively priced in the Bay Area. Patrick happens to be incredibly gifted at cutting and styling as well. If you are looking for hair replacement services --this place is the best.

I find N.F.M. to be extremely laid back and a no pressure sales ethic,like isn't found anywhere else in ca. The prices are the best around and the quality is exceptional!! That's why I have been with Them for 8 Years! Also the style and cutting are really great! They take a lot of time to make you very happy!!

Patrick does a good job and the price is cheap due to no middle man.

I've been coming to NEW HAIR FOR MEN for the past four years. I researched just about every other hair replacement facility in San Francisco area before I made my decision and I couldn't be happier.
Patrick is probably the most accommodating person that I know. I've called him late in the day and also early in the morning and he has never said don't come. He is truly a professional in every way and I find his prices as well as his service to be the best in the area.

I used to be a member of the Hair Club for Men, until I experienced New Hair For Men and Women a very professional and relaxed experience. Anyone interested in hair restoration should give New Hair for Men and Women a try, you will be glad you did!

New Hair for Men is a wonderfule place in that it gives you good service at a good price.

I have been coming to Patrick's New Hair for Men since 2009. I was one of those men who thought that Hair Club for Men in San Jose and elsewhere was the only game in town, and was I wrong. Patrick is the epitome of service at his New Hair for Men He bends over backward to give you the time you need and want as well as perfect hair..
When I was going to Hair Club for Men, I was always coming out not very satisfied with the way my hair was done and looked. They always say that it looks natural but it really doesn't. One day, I decided to do something about it and luckily I found Patrick at his New Hair for Men salon in San Francisco.
The hair that he gives you truly looks natural and he does a superb job in styling your hair so you do not have to redo it. I am always telling him how good a job he does.
I would most certainly recommend using New Hair for Men in San Francisco for your hair replacement. You will be pleasantly surprised and amazed at how great a job Patrick will do for you. There is nothing better than New Hair for Men in San Francisco.

I have been a hair replacement customer for over 20 years. Patrick by far provides the best products and the best service of any of the hair replacement establishments with which I have done business. There are no delays in getting the hair replacement units like I had with previous businesses, the units are of better quality, and the price is very reasonable. Also, it is always easy to get appointments for the service, Highly recommend Patrick for hair replacement products and service
Bob S.

Patrick at New Hair for Men he was so unbelievable. I was going to work and my hair piece was tore He was able to repair it in one hour and get me back to work. I was a wreck I work in the Financial District. I am always is in front of clients so I must look great. Patrick is now my Hair stylist I buy several units so I never have that problem he See's me 2 times a week. He is so reasonable in price and great service also.
Alan Quant

It started using a hairpiece in 2004, when I was losing my hair, had a noticeable bald spot, and my hair on top was thinning. I grew my hair out long and combed it over, but that didn't hide the bald spot. Worst of all, my twenty-year high school class reunion was coming up, I was finally determined to do something about my hair problem.
I didn't have either the time or the money for hair surgery. So I figured I'd do the next best thing, and go with a new hair system. I phoned around, and went to some consultations. Not knowing all of my options, I went to the Hair Club for Men, to see what they had to offer. I figured the worst thing that could happen was I'd come out looking like William Shatner.
So I went in for a consultation, and they told me they could custom-make a hair system for me – for about $1500.00! (Gulp!) Well, I looked at it as an investment in myself, and gave in to temptation. They would cut my hair, and make new systems for me – for hundreds of dollars per system. Now the hair systems looked like my own natural hair, and unless you looked closely and knew what to look for, you wouldn't notice the difference. Then, in 2006, I was let go from the law firm where I was working. I was in some spot. I had to look good for job interviews, but no way could I shell out the big bucks Hair Club for Men wanted. Then I saw an advertisement for New Hair for Men and Women. For a new hair system, they wanted $299.00 – a considerable saving!
I made an appointment with Patrick. By this time, my last hair system from the Hair Club for Men was getting quite thin and frayed. Patrick found me a stock hair system for $199.00, well within my budget for my newly found job-seeking status. He cut the system, bonded it, and it looked just as good as any of the systems I received from Hair Club for Men. You can't beat that kind of system – and I wouldn't want to either.
So I've been a customer of New Hair for Men ever since. I've been coming here regularly for haircuts, and purchased merchandise on line from their website My only regret is that I didn't go to New Hair for Men first. Don't get “Hair-Clubbed.” Go to New Hair for Men & Women.

After being a “Club” member for over 10 years and spending tens of thousands of dollars on contract programs where you can't get appointments with a stylist unless you are on one of their “Big Spender” programs, I found Patrick at New Hair For Men in San Francisco. His prices are far more reasonable than “Hair Club” and service is GREAT.
After 3 years, I have no regrets leaving the “Hair Club” and being a client at New Hair For Men.
Richard San Francisco

I am so blessed to have found "NEW HAIR" FOR MEN AND WOMEN"----- Patrick at New Hair is amazing!!!

He is an amazing and caring artist of excellence and experience who will find and match the perfect hair system for you to restore a natural and youthful appearance!! You will not be disappointed!!!

I am a good looking 65 year old but I have lost my hair on top!! With the New Hair system that Patrick selected and created for me, I look 20 years younger!!!! I feel restored and confident in my new appearance thanks to the excellent work and service of Patrick at New Hair!!' His regular maintenance service is consistent and excellent so you can depend on looking good all the time!!

If you desire the finest non- surgical hair restoration, go no further than "NEW HAIR” 564 Market street San Francisco-----------

Bob, 65 year old male,

My experience with Patrick and his New Hair Method has been nothing Short of miraculous I am thrilled with the results and his professional style is A real pleasure to deal with I would recommend his services to anyone.

Michael C.,San Francisco


I've been going to New Hair For Men and Women for a couple years now to get hairpieces, wigs and supplies. I also get my hair cut done there. I've always got nice deals and nice services. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs quality and affordable hairpieces and wigs. And if you are quite bald like me, you can get a good haircut behind closed doors without feeling awkward being with all those people with plenty of hair!


Patrick is a hair genius!! If you looking for hair replacement system then Patrick is the guy to see! I have had several different type of hair replacements system but this one is by far the best one. Prices are very reasonable and he always wants you to look your best.   I would highly recommend him.

Manu A.

It's 8pm, Patrick closes at 6, and he waited for me to arrive. Who does that!? Truly amazed at the exceptional level of customer service. Quality of work is without a doubt the best I've ever encountered. Returning customer of several years, will never consider an alternative.

James L

If you are searching for quality hairpieces or work with your existing one(s), and at very competitive prices, please call Patrick @ New Hair for Men and Women.  Not only is his work excellent, he has a very positive attitude, and will do the work you want in the way YOU want it.  You simply can not do better than to work with this superb stylist.

Dr. Fred S.

I have been a client of Patrick’s for over 3 years and he represents someone who has mastered the lost art of dedicated and personalized service. He is a one man shop who takes care of your particular individual needs with an attentive ear and approachable personality. It is extremely difficult to find people like Patrick who genuinely care not only about his craft, but also about making sure you are happy and satisfied. I am definitely both of those things!

Collin Chen


 My family has been coming to Patrick for over 20 years and has continued to return due to his excellent customer service and attention to detail. He goes above and beyond, always leaving his customers with a happy result. He is efficient and such a great communicator, he has become family to us. 100% recommend!

Kellie Martinez


I have been seeing Patrick for 20 years. He is amazing!! An excellent barber he is second to none in the styling of all the pieces. He keeps me looking my very best at all times. Highly recommend!! You will not be disappointed. Guaranteed!!!

Jay Parry


 I'm new to the hair system game, and I initially went to another place to get it done. When it was done, I was not 100% happy, as I was limited in the choice of hairstyle and length that I wanted. After about a week, I decided to try another hair system place. Luckily for me I found Patrick and New Hair For Men. He welcomed me and cut and styled my hair just like I wanted. I have since got my second system from him and am 100% happy! Thank you Patrick for your great service!



Patrick is the ultimate pro in hair systems. He listens to what you want and makes it happen. He’s very flexible in scheduling and rescheduling.! You can count on his professionalism and he’s honest as the day is long!

Ray and Judy Trask


Patrick is a veteran when it comes to hair systems. His results are extremely realistic and of great quality. He is very devoted in making sure that you are satisfied with your look. He will give you a lot of tips too! This is a one stop shop for all your hair system needs.

Ameya G


 Patrick is amazing!! If you’re looking to take your hair journey to the next level whether it is your first time or you just need to switch it up do yourself a favor and check this place out!! I cannot thank you enough Patrick, much love CJ


 Patrick is very helpful and agile in taking care of the client’s needs. He is really good at his work. Would highly recommend this place!

Akshansh Chahal


My experience with new hair for men has been exceptional,Patrick made me feel at ease,no contracts,he is a master at at his trade,he listens to you and gives you the look that you want,I am so glad I did the research and found him,I am happy to call him a friend.

Rob Lee


 Greetings!! You can always expect Five Star quality and service at “New Hair for Men “through Patrick!!! I have been enjoying excellent hair systems since 2013 at “New Hair”and the results have been life changing !! I look decades younger than my age of 73!!!! Thank you Patrick!!!

Robert Morales





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