Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

All stock hairpieces that are uncolored, uncut, uncombed unwashed, unpermed or not worn and have not been used in anyway may receive an exchange (1 exchange per order only) minus shipping, in addition to a restocking fee of $50 within 7 days. Custom hairpieces that are uncolored, uncut, unpermed, unworn and have not been used in anyway may be re-submitted for changes such as color and density within 7 days. If color, density, etc. is off due to a factory mistake, the customer only pays for shipping; if the mistake is due to the customer (e.g., wrong color selection), the customer will pay for the cost for repair, in addition to shipping costs.(Please note you are only allowed one resubmission per custom order.)

Note: All custom-made or pre-made hairpieces must be sent back before we can proceed with any changes.

We try our best to provide excellent customer service and wishe to meet or exceed your expectations. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our return policy, or any other concern that you may have. We are happy to answer your questions! Thank you.


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