Attaching Your Hairpiece or Hair System

We've found this method makes it easier for you to position your hair system as you attach it, and it only involves 4 pieces of tape.

You can choose from several different kinds of tapes which offer a hold lasting from 1 to 3 days to up to 4 weeks. All these tapes are available through


Using this method, you'll need 4 different types of adhesive tape (shown at right).

  • For the front - use either an "A" or "AA" shaped tape, depending on the countour of your hairline.
  • For the right and left sides - use our specially cut tape, as shown in the diagram.
  • And for the back - use a piece of either "C" or "CC" shaped tape.



There are actually two steps to this method:

The first: attach adhesive tape to the inside of your hair system
The second: attaching the hair system to your head.


Attaching the Tape

Step 1

Start by attaching a piece of curved tape ("C" shaped or "CC" shaped) to the back of the hair system.

Step 2

Peel the wax paper cover back and fold a small section on each end of the piece. This will give you two triangular "tabs" on each end.

Step 3

Next, attach one of the longer pieces of "side" tape to one side of the base.

Make sure the "side" tape is on top of the back tape where you've peeled back the "tab".

Repeat the process for the other side.

Step 4

As you did with the back tape, peel back and fold a "tab" on both side pieces where they join with the back piece.

When you're done, the tape should be arranged as pictured.

Step 5

Now we go to the front of the hair system.

Peel back a "tab" on the forward edges of each of the side tapes.

Step 6

Attach a curved piece of "A" of "AA" tape to the front of the hair system.

If your hair system is wide then you should place the tape as shown.

However, if the base is narrow the front tape may overlap the side tapes. Where they overlap, we'll need to make sure that the side strip backing can be easily removed.

Make sure you first pull back a "tab" where they meet, then place the front tape on top of the adhesive (but under the backing). This will make it easy to remove the backing from the side tapes.

Step 7

Remove the wax paper from the front "A" or "AA" tape. The result should look like this!

You've completed the first half of the process. Now we'll show you how to attach the hair system.

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