Custom Made Hair System


Let us assist you in addressing your hair loss concerns. With over 25 years of expertise in crafting custom non-surgical hair replacement systems, we understand the challenges faced by those dealing with hair loss. Our custom hair replacement systems offer an immediate, safe, non-surgical, and cost-effective solution to combat male pattern hair loss, restoring both your hair and confidence.

We tailor your custom hair systems to your specifications, including base size, hair density, hair length, hair color, hair type, and gray hair %. This dedication ensures you receive a personalized hair replacement system designed just for you. Regain your confidence with a full head of hair today.

Please call or text 415-788-0711 should you have any questions about ordering your custom hairpiece.

How to Order Your Custom Hairpiece:

1. Take head shape measurements. You may either send us a saran wrap mold or an old hairpiece to duplicate the base size. It is very important to mark on the mold or order form where you want the part to be placed if freestyle was not chosen.

2. Take color samples. If you have more than one color sample to send, please label them properly as Sample 1, Sample 2, and so on. Please also mark on the mold where you want each of the hair samples to be placed.

3. Complete the order form to the best of your knowledge and mail the completed order form to us with your mold and color samples to New Hair For Men And Women, 564 Market Street, Suite 160, San Francisco, CA 94104. We will call you to go over the details after receiving your order.

Download the Order Form Here

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