Super Thin Skin M 0.10mm Medium Density Hair System


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Below are the specifications of the product.

Base Design  Transparent thin skin base with V-looped hair all over (thin skin 0.10mm-0.12mm)
Base Size 8’’ x 10’’
Base Material Color  Transparent
Front Contour  Standard CC shape
Hair Length  5"
Hair Density  Medium-light
Hair Type  100% human hair
Curl & Wave  30 mm
Hair Direction Freestyle
Advantages  Undetectable, durable, light, easy to attach and clean, easy to be styled freely


Being one of the skin men’s hair systems that dominate the global market, the ThinSkin-VP is becoming recognized  by more and more hair loss sufferers for its highly remarkable degree of realism.

Each single hair strand is knotted onto the skin base with the knotless V-loop ventilation technique that presents a look of hair growing right out of the scalp. So people would hardly be able to tell you are wearing a hairpiece looking from whatever angle. Besides, the ThinSkin-VP is very durable with its strong and resilient 0.10mm-0.12mm skin base, which is also very user-friendly for its ease of attachment and removal.

The base size of these men’s hairpieces is 8"x10" which can be cut smaller prior to shipment and we also provide a professional cut in service.

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